President Ilham Aliyev reviewed vineyards belonging to Az-Granata LLC in Shamakhi

On October 2, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev inspected Az-Granata vineyards within the framework of his visit to Shamakhi region.

Formation of the economy as a result of a purposeful successful policy in Azerbaijan has created favorable conditions for improving business activity in the country, rapid development of the non-oil sector, poverty reduction, reliable social protection of the population and substantial improvement of material wellbeing. President Ilham Aliyev's policy aimed at creating an agrarian sector based on intensive methods, state support measures is a success. This leads to an increase in production and exports of agricultural products, and a rise in self-sufficiency. The vine-growing measures are also evident.

In Shamakhi, most of the population is engaged in plant growing and animal husbandry. Grain, potatoes, vegetables, melons, grapes and fruit products in crop production dominate. District vineyards have gained great popularity. In the 70-80s of the last century Shamakhi became one of the largest vineyards in Azerbaijan. The collapse of the Soviet Union, the tension in the early 1990s, and its neglect as well as other spheres of the economy have been virtually eliminated. At present, the restoration and re-development of this profitable sector is in the center of attention. In this regard, the "State Program on Development of Vine Production in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2012-2020", prepared and adopted by the President Ilham Aliyev, plays an important role in rebuilding this area. This state program also strengthened the activity of the vine-growing entrepreneurs and positively influenced the creation of new vineyard farms. It is no coincidence that in Shamakhi, this lucrative area of ​​the economy has been rapidly evolving in recent years. The area of ​​vineyards has already reached 1650 hectares, of which 1550 hectares yields. Experts predict that in the current season more than 14,000 tons of grape will be produced in the region.

Az-Granata LLC has made considerable efforts to develop viniculture in Shamakhi region. For five years the product has been produced. In 2016 3,000 tons of products were harvested from Az-Granata vineyards.

The President was informed in detail about the work done.

It was noted that Shamakhi vineyards were erected in 25 hectares in 2009. Currently, the vineyard is 375 hectares. Its 309 hectares are technical grapes and 66 hectares are table grape. The location of the area above the sea level, the amount of annual rainfalls, temperature indicators and analyzes of soil samples taken from these places give rise to the possibility of raising high quality rare grape species in Shamakhi. According to these indicators, grape varieties and their root systems were selected in the area. High quality grape seeds have been imported to our country by selected species and planted through appropriate agro-technical measures based on existing standards. Special techniques were also used for planting and cultivation in vineyards. All these factors guarantee the production of high quality exportable products.

It was noted that grape seeds consist of the best species brought from France, Turkey and Georgia. From technical types, such as "Şardane", "Cabarne", "Cabarne Frans", "Prima", "Cardinal", "Sultaniye", "Alfonz Lavalle", "Danuta" and others. Some examples can be illustrated. In the year 2016-2017 new species such as "Superrior Seedeless", "Crimson Seedles", "Red Globe" were brought and young binders were added. Indigenous species, such as Raspberry and Maize, are also grown in the garden, and production is grown every year. The current yield of grapes on the hectare of 7-8 tonnes and the table grape yield is 15 tonnes. The next target grapes are 10-11 tonnes and 17-18 tonnes in table grape. The most modern irrigation system in the table-grape garden is set up in 2015. The technical grapes are grown in anchovy conditions. At present, 250 people are employed in vineyards of Az-Granata LLC, of ​​which 200 are women.

It was noted that the grape varieties produced in the farm are sold in "Meyveli" shopping mall in Baku and wholesale market in the 8th kilometer market. The technical varieties are handed over to the wine processing plant operating under the Az-Granata LLC. In general, as a result of implementation of the state program on development of viticulture, which covers the period 2012-2020, both entrepreneurship will be developed in the regions as well as Azerbaijan's vineyard reputation will be restored.

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