Our grape production has too big perspectives in our countries

Azerbaijan is one of the oldest cultivated grapes in the world. Vintage with historical tradition is now one of the most profitable areas of agriculture in our republic. The tasks and actions taken by the head of state, Mr. Ilham Aliyev on viticulture, are also evident. The State Program on the Development of Vine Development in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2012-2020 ", which was prepared and adopted by President Ilham Aliyev, plays an important role in rebuilding this area. This State Program also strengthened the activities of vine-growing entrepreneurs and had a positive impact on the creation of new vineyard farms.

As it was reported, President Ilham Aliyev visited Shamakhi region. During the visit, the head of state got acquainted with vineyards belonging to Az-Granata LLC. At the meeting with representatives of the public in Shamakhi, the head of state noted that vine-growing, which is a traditional area for Shamakhi, is being restored and new vineyards are being erected. "Today I will look at one of them. More than 300 hectares of land have been built here. I know that another big project is being implemented, and the area is about 300 hectares. We will restore viniculture in Azerbaijan and we do. The Shamakhi people are well aware that in the 1970's, at the initiative of the Great Leader one of our main vineyard centers was Shamakhi. How many people have been blessed, houses were built, cars, refrigerators were bought. All this was possible at the time as a result of Heydar Aliyev's activity. But vineyards have very great prospects and traditions, and we are now going to foreign markets. We have already signed big contracts, the state helps, and vine restoration will be rapidly going on in Azerbaijan. Here, the Shamakhi region should be the leader. I see that there is a great interest in vineyard, so it will happen. "

"Az-Granata" LLC has done a lot in the development of viniculture in Shamakhi region. In 2016 3,000 tons of products were harvested from Az-Granata vineyards.

Vugar Mikayilov, Deputy Director of Az-Granata LLC, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. Dr. Vugar Mikayilov, told our newspaper that currently the focus is on restoration and development of viniculture: "During the visit of the President of the country to Shamakhi, the Az-Granata grape It also happened in its vineyards. Our vineyards cover about 450 hectares. About six hundred types of table grapes are planted and sold in different parts of the country. The grape grape is mainly grape varieties from Italy. This grape is more popular by humans, and even the jams made from this type of taste are also delicious. Technical grape varieties are planted on 350 hectares. Here are some examples of "Madrasah", "Saperavi", "Kabernet-Soviyan", "Merlot", "Rkasiteli", "Bayanshira" and "Shardone". These grape varieties provide a good harvest on the Adnan plateau of the Greater Caucasus Range. The location of the area above the sea level, the amount of annual rainfalls, temperature indicators and analyzes of soil samples taken from these places give rise to the possibility of raising high quality rare grape species in Shamakhi. According to these indicators, grape varieties and their root systems were selected in the area. High quality grape seeds have been imported to our country by selected species and planted through appropriate agro-technical measures based on existing standards. Special techniques were also used for planting and cultivation in vineyards. All these factors guarantee the production of high quality exportable products. Approximately 7-8 tons of products are harvested per hectare. This is also about the production of wine. Today, high quality wines are exported to many European countries. "

V.Mikayilov noted that the respected President gave instructions on the cultivation of local grape varieties in these areas when visiting vineyards, untreated areas: "Restoring the ancient traditions of viniculture is a glorious work for us. In this regard, the president's instructions have led us to do the same. As you know, in recent years, tourists are more interested in our country. Tourists also show greater interest in wines from Azerbaijan's local grape varieties. After Mr. Ilham Aliyev's visit to Shamakhi, we decided that in addition, we plan to plant "Madrasas" in the area of ​​70 hectares and "Banshtira" on 30-40 hectares. We also plan to cultivate the Povinion-Bank species of short-term vegetation from external grape varieties. This grape type is a good product for champagne production. We want Az-Granata to prepare both the classic and acrotofore wines produced at our plant. In this way, the champagne product is prepared for 20-25 days, but it requires a minimum of 2 years for the classic method. The champagne prepared in this way can be sold more in foreign markets. "Az-Granata" will produce the Turkish raki for the first time in Azerbaijan. The content of this drink is mainly grape spirit and anise (cir). The alcohol produced from grape varieties in Azerbaijan is of higher quality than its composition. It also gives us a reason to say that the ruck we produce in the near future will gain a great reputation in the world. "

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