Az-Granata Juice and Wine Processing Plant has been one of the first in the history of Azerbaijan.

The raki was first produced in our country for the first time in our country.
This is a very serious step toward changing our consumption culture.
In the winery, Georgians in wine-making, Armenians in the production of cognac, and Az-Granata, who are ahead of the Russians in the vodka sowing, will challenge Anatolia this time with their own "Turks". We need to meet the great "Turkish" worthily. That is why I decided to publish a few years ago and publish it again.
You will recall that on January 31, every year, the Russians celebrate the birthday of the vodka they call "national drink".
Campaigns, discounts are starting to celebrate the day of production of vodka in shops, restaurants and cafes in all Russian cities.
I have always thought that from this date it shares with Azerbaijan.
The vodka plays a special role in the perception of the Azerbaijani population as it moves away from Islam, its dogmatic lifestyle, its modernization and its freedom.
The hero of the "Dead" by Jalil Mammadguluzadeh, the medieval tradition, Iskenderun's "Kefli" verse is not accidental.
Alcohol creates dependence and creates problems for both the person and the people around him, and this is precise.
But drinking, eating, going to a restaurant, a café, a disco is also a matter of culture.
Unfortunately, despite the fact that there are many cozy houses, restaurants and cafes in Azerbaijan, and every kind of café, this culture is at a very low level.
I'll take an example. There is a place where Georgians run near the "Ramin" wedding house. The landlord of that place is Malik's uncle. Malik's mother so diligently sows salad, prepares meals, and drinks wine that her taste of her service is, as it is, her hands made more salty. I'm going to eat that boar, and the pork that I ate in different places is never frustrated. Although it is possible to wrap up the waiters more neatly, spend half a day workshops, and improve the service level of the place by better designing tables.
Go back to the drink. The aroma is not my favorite taste, but the face of the vodka to look at not only the wedding but also the winter. If I have the choice, I prefer a cognac and a whiskey.
My favorite drink is wine and raki.
Once we had a lot of talk with a young and talented poet, high school recital, and most importantly, the verses that he chose to drink with raki.
The number of people who prefer raki is growing in Azerbaijan. One reason for this is the fact that Istanbul films are being collected in Azerbaijan, and the popularity of Anatolian cuisine in Azerbaijan, and, finally, the rise in Turkey.
But many times I have been struck by the fact that we have a raki like vodka, and it's almost a matter of time for the users to drink a lot from their eyebrows and rituals.
It has not been discovered for the first time where the cancer is prepared and where it is prepared by whom. But, according to the general opinion, this drink was produced in Anatolia. In the encyclopaedic of the wine, it is written as "Turkish drink". While the Greeks claimed the history and sale of the carcass with a drink called "Uzo", the Council of Europe recognized it as "turkish".
At present, the product is produced in Turkey in four categories: "Club Raki", "Altınbaş Raki", "Tekirdağ Rakisi" and "Yeni Raki". This drink is made from dry or fresh grape juice with a spatula of another mixture of spruce seeds. Evliya Çelebi, in her travels, speaks of rakı producers as "Arakçian artisan".
In general, it is supposed that "raki" is derived from vodka / araqi, meaning "sweat / sweat".

* When filtering the ribs, it is necessary to turn the bottle so that the smell of the drink spread over the table. The peculiarity of the abnormality is its smell, although many people are far from raki for this smell.
* Second, you need to spray the carcass in a narrow, cylindrical, long jug. Thus, the aesthetic of the drink increases.
* Thirdly, raki is either single or double, but in all cases it should be less than half the bottle.
* Fourth, you need to squeeze your carcinotically cold, then add water to her, say Kismet, "bleach your face." Sometimes ice is thrown away from the rakı glass, which is generally unacceptable. Because the water rises before the rake, it scoops its contents and when it is fired, the proportion of the alcohol changes in the cup, which kills the quality of the drink. You can not squeeze lemons at him.
* It is necessary to collapse once, but if a new person comes to the table, then one more sound can be heard from the glass.
* A glass of rakı should be switched at intervals of at least 8 minutes. When leaving the table, it is necessary to keep it "for the sake of goodness", even if there are one or two sutures at the bottom of the raki bottle.
Raki's table does not have serious issues, problems are not addressed, this drink is in the true sense of the word is the opening of a person, regulating his laugh. It is acceptable for 2-6 people to "sit in the raki", which is considered to be the evening drink. It is desirable for a woman who is drinking or not drinking at the Raki table. Drinking raki under the sound of noisy, loud and light music is just an obsession.
Raki is consumed with more fruits and vegetables, drinkers of the literary know that the raki table is decorated with cheese, dessert and olive gum. Fish fries are also advisable to tighten the bottom of the carcass.
There is one thing that the Turks have said is a "slap dish", which means nothing to eat. Once the raki is smoked, the man simply clears his mouth with his hand.

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