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Built-in 2011 and covering a territory of 12,5 hectares plant, is one of the largest producers of fruit juices in the South Caucasus region. Along with fruit juices, concentrates and compotes, Az-Granata also produces wine and vodka products. The plant consists of units for the reception and processing of fruit, preparation of concentrates, aseptic containers, bottling and packing of bottles and "tetra pack" packages. The plant has the capacity to produce 12 tons of fruit juice per hour. The fruit intake line can accept grenades, grapes, apples, pears, and quinces. In the department for the reception of fruit, steps are taken to receive, clean, sort the fruits, sterilize them with high temperature, store them in septic tanks (40 pieces of 50 tons each). The annual production capacity of the plant is 100 million packs.

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